Rates 2020


  • Tried and trusted effective local advertising
  • Reasonable rates
  • Guaranteed distribution
  • Great value for money

Full page front cover — £600

Full page back cover –– £500

Full page inside — £320

1/2 Page 95mm x 238mm — £230

1/4 Page — £120

1/3 page 95mm x 160mm — £150

1/6th page 95mm x 75mm — £95

1/12th page 95mm x 37.5mm — £50

Prices exclude VAT
Vat Reg No 656 9711 94

Series Discount of 15% on 3 insertions

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Tel: 0207 351 4831
Fax: 0871 247 0609


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3 Billing Place, London SW10 9UN. Tel: 0207 351 4831

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